Strength Traning And Resistance Bands

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Strength Traning And Resistance BandsThere various core exercises available and each with a name of its own. When it comes to workout routines, you can choose from having a cardio workout, strength training and many more. One important exercise routine that should be part of your daily exercises is strength training.

There are several reasons why you should do so. First of all, you will get to exercise your muscles and improve your bone strength. With improved strength, you will have reduced risk of falling or getting fractured. In addition to that, it can also stimulate production of hormones especially those that greatly improve the health of your brain neurons. Experts found out that it can help you reduce your risk to having dementia. Doing this regularly will also reduce your risk of experiencing problems related to the decline of your bone density and quality.

Among the best tools to use when doing strength training exercises are resistance bands. These bands are think rubber with handles at both ends for gripping. Buying one that you can use is very easy. In addition to that, it is also very cheap unlike all those big exercise equipment that are often very expensive.

Resistance bands are great especially when you want to improve your muscle and bone strength. These bands are offered in different resistance levels and you can choose the one that you think you can handle. Regardless of your current fitness level, you can always use these bands.

Strength Traning And Resistance Bands1Unlike regular workout equipment, resistance bands do not take up too much space. You can store it in your closet, drawer or even under your bed. You can bring it with you when you go on a vacation or business trips.

You can do a lot of workouts using resistance bands. It adds variety to your boring exercise routines. It will always keep your muscles challenged whenever you work out. You can use these bands when performing your regular routines such as squats, horizontal chest press, bicep curl and many more. You no longer have to worry about spending a lot of cash because you need to purchase expensive equipment to help you exercise. You do not even have to worry whenever you are away for a trip, you can bring your resistance bands with you and you will always be able to exercise.

Valentine’s Day Fitness Tips For Couples By Dr. Levi Harrison

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Valentine’s Day Fitness Tips For Couples“What I tell everyone is that exercising is the key to life. When you keep on exercising, you keep on living.” – Dr. Levi Harrison

Dr. Harrison is the Author of the Book: The Art of Fitness and who created the workout DVD The Art of Fitness: Cardio Core Workout

Here’s A Few Fitness Tips From Him:

Why Exercise?

When you have somebody whom you cherish, or like, working out with them is an extraordinary approach to create a feeling of responsibility and a feeling of closeness as far as holding. Discuss how you need to work out next time, discuss how you need to build the power of your activity program, and obviously, discuss your eating regimen. If you’ll work out together you can support one another on this trip to getting fit together.

Since it Valentine’s Day, a lot of couples will be going out for a dinner date? Dr. Levi Harrison was asked for healthy tips on eating out. Here it goes.

Dr. Harrison recommends to only have one drink a piece, fruity-type of drink e.g. Piña colada or a daiquiri. For hard core drinks take like whisky or brandy. For desserts, you can skip it up. Make the dinner date intimate that will provide you the opportunity to get just half the calories.

Kick off Post Valentine routine with your Partner: Simple Exercise for Couples

You can do sit-ups with weights, facing your partner in the sit-up position. You can either wrap your legs together, or put your knees right alongside one another in the sit-up position. You do the sit-up with a five or ten pound weight in your grasp. When you do the sit-up, when you come up, you pass the ball. At that point you can hold the ball with your hands, lay back, touch the ball to the ground, come up, and afterward pass the ball to the next individual.

Something else you can do is side jumps. Facing each other once more, do a side lurch and you pass a five to ten pound medication ball to them. When they have the medicine ball, they’re set to contort to the right and the left. They come up, they provide for you the ball, then you do the side lurch, and you do a turn to the left and the right. Proceed with that for two sets of 15.

You can also do the skipping rope together. The objective will be to do 10 minutes of skipping rope with at least 800 skips in ten minutes, keeping a better average pace. When you can simply do 40-50 skips for every moment, in ten minutes, you’ve done 400 skips.

Hr. Harrison speaks of the importance of exercise in staying healthy for all the people he loves.

Valentine’s Day Fitness Tips For Couples1Coronary illness is the number one killer. Being overweight is the most obvious reason. In the African-American neighborhood, studies have demonstrated that obesity rates range from 60-80 percent for ladies, truly a stunning measure.

You need to understand that you must do something about your weight, since it puts you at a more terrific danger of coronary illness. We must be careful about our eating regimen. We need to understand that practice is non-debatable.

Tips For People Who Are Inexperienced On Exercising

Number one, begin off moderately and have objectives—week after week objectives of what you need to do. Begin off with either a strolling project, or a swimming system, and an extending project. Extending must be a piece of each work out regime. We need to do that with a specific end goal to stay away from damaging our muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When you head off to an activity class, go at your level. Pace yourself, relax. Take breaks. You don’t necessarily need to keep up with your teacher or your neighbor. Just be consistent.